Mineral Makeup... Coming soon!!

Posted by Brigid McHugh

Soooooo.... This winter there will be a new product line in the works for Kilted Suds! I am pleased to tell you that I have begun formulating recipes for Mineral Makeup!! I figured as I get going and am doing my research, I would share some of what I am finding with you all. I want you to be as excited as I am about this new product line!

Makeup Application

What is mineral makeup?

Let's start with the basics!! Mineral makeup products are formulated without harmful chemicals, dyes, and other ingredients. These types of makeup are considered safe for all skin types (due to the lack of all the nasty ingredients!!). Like the name suggests, the blends are formulated using mineral elements including things like iron oxide, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide. It often includes different types of clay to help with color and adherence.

Makeup Brushes

What are the benefits of mineral makeup?

The benefits are HUGE! Mineral makeups naturally help with sun protection, as many of the ingredients provide coverage from UV rays. It allows the skin to breath, and doesn't clog pores, as there are no heavy oils in the base. The ingredients will not smudge or crease throughout the day, and can actually help absorb excess oil for those with oily skin. This means no shiny spots throughout the day!

Pure mineral makeup by nature will bind with oil, NOT water, making your makeup water-resistant all day long! The versatility obtained by this fact is amazing! Mineral makeup foundations can be mixed with water, creams, or lotions to create a liquid makeup if you choose. It can be used as a loose powder, or can be compacted.

My favorite aspect of mineral makeup?? The shelf life! In light of the fact that the ingredients are mineral elements, the shelf life of mineral makeup is very long. This makes it the perfect addition to your makeup bag if you are one of the many who is terrible at replacing your makeup when you are supposed to!


Stay tuned over the next few months to follow the progress of our mineral makeup line!!!

Have a particular product you would love to get from Kilted Suds? Let me know in the comments below!!


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