Sugar Scrub Makeover!

Posted by Brigid McHugh

We promised you all big things for 2020, and this is one of them! Our sugar scrubs are changing!

We have gone through a lot of testing and ideas for how to best package our sugar scrubs so that they can be more environmentally friendly. Here's two options that we ruled out, and the reasons why:

Glass Jars/Containers

  • They add a lot of weight (making shipping more costly)
  • Fragility creates the need for added packaging to ship with the use of things like bubble wrap
  • If broken in the shower/tub could pose a safety hazard
  • Cost for glass jars is much higher, which would raise our prices significantly

Metal Jars/Tins

  • Typically do not have an air-tight seal. This would require the addition of preservatives to our formula
  • Potential for rust - although we recommend that you don't leave your scrub in the shower/tub, if it is left in a damp environment, even "rust free" jars/tins could cause problems
  • Cost - while not as expensive as glass jars, appropriate sized, quality tins are pricey

So here's what we decided was the best option... Refill bags made from lined kraft paper! This option was by far our favorite out of everything we looked at, and everything we tried. The bags are recyclable, water & oil proof, and they have a zipper closure at the top to keep your scrub fresh. The best part is your scrub container can now be whatever you would like it to be, you could probably even find something in your home to reuse or re-purpose. Should you like to have a new, beautiful container for your scrub, we will be offering limited quantities of beautiful hand-selected jars.

Just like with our old jars, we ask that you keep your refill bag out of the shower or tub to preserve freshness and avoid bacteria.

Here's what our scrubs now look like:

And here's a look at our first batch of glass jars:

Sugar scrubs will be available with or without a jar. Be sure to keep an eye on things, because we plan on switching up the style of jar throughout the year.

What do you think of this change? We would love to hear your feedback in the comments below!


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