News and Updates January 2019

Posted by Brigid McHugh on

Changes are coming in 2019

We want to take a moment to wish you a Happy New Year, and let you in on all of the things that we have planned for 2019.

First, USPS shipping prices are set to increase as of January 27, 2019. For this reason, our free shipping program will now be for all orders over $50. We still want you to get great prices, but the times, they are a changing!!

Next up on the list, is our bar soaps! Our soaps have gotten larger over the past few years, and the price of our wonderful ingredients keeps going up. You may have noticed that we have been slowly increasing the price on our bar soaps over the last year. We would like to let you know that as of January 1, 2019, all regularly priced bar soaps will start at $7.00 per bar at . This ensures we can continue to create soaps with the best ingredients possible!

Now for the good news!! We are launching a brand new program on January 1, 2019! For every 6 bars of soap you purchase, you will get one FREE! Simply add the 7th bar of soap to your cart, and the discount will be taken at checkout. Could there be a better way to stock up on all of your favorites??


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