Are Bath Puffs Bad for Your Skin?

Are Bath Puffs Bad for Your Skin?

Ever pondered why plastic shower puffs can be harmful for your skin? Grimy residue from scrubbin' off your skin gets snagged in its nooks and crannies. Bacteria can easily multiply and spread with only air and water around... imaginably transforming your shower into a bacterial breeding ground overnight!

“Then, you put them in this environment in the shower that’s warm and moist and gross, and it’s a set up for bacteria, yeast, and mold to grow in the loofah,” says J. Matthew Knight, M.D., dermatologist with Knight Dermatology Institute.

Knight says 9 out of 10 dermatologists recommend throwing out your loofah for good, but if you have to have one, replace it every three to four weeks and leave it to dry somewhere not as moist or warm as near the shower. Experts also recommend using a wash cloth instead, it can easily be thrown into the laundry after use.

Kilted Suds Loofah

The moral? Those trusty ol' shower sponges and loofahs we know and love? Let's face it, they're bacteria party central and should be swapped out or nuked regularly. Replace the bacteria party with a soiree of soft suds—Kilted Suds Bath Sponges are here to help you bubble up in the bathroom! No need to break out the nuclear materials, just our shower puffs are enough to get you squeaky clean.

Kilted Suds Bath Puff

Our bath puffs are carefully crafted with 100% acrylic yarn, designed with sanitation and hygiene as priorities. Combining the properties of a loofah and a washcloth, they are machine washable and durable, making them a more cost-effective and earth-friendly alternative to single-use plastic netting. The ideal addition to your shower routine. The ultra-soft, thick and absorbent material can create an invigorating exfoliation and deep-cleaning experience for healthy, glowing skin.

Kilted Suds Shower Loofah

Grab a couple for yourself and step up your shower game!

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