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Cocoa powder is an ingredient often used in many of Kilted Suds products, including bar soaps, lip balms, and face masks. Part of the reason I use it? It's chocolate!!! It smells amazing, it's silky smooth, and the color is beautiful. But WHY is cocoa good for your skin? Here are my three favorite reasons: Chocolate Contains Antioxidants Chocolate contains flavonols, which are powerful antioxidants. They help keep your skin looking its best by fighting free radicals (read more about free radicals), and can also increase blood flow to your skin. Chocolate Helps Protect from UV Rays That's right! Chocolate...

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 I love taking showers at night, there is no better feeling than being super nice and clean and then getting into a nice clean bed. Or I thought I was clean. The sponges and loofahs we all know and love to have in our showers are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and should be replaced or sanitized on a regular basis. You ever have one of these guys? If there is one of these guys in your shower, you should probably just throw it away right now. In a study published by the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, researchers discovered that...

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I love using calendula in my products, in many different forms. This often brings up some questions, and I love to answer them! What is Calendula? Calendula is a flowering plant, often referred to as marigold. Calendula officianalis is the most common species with in the genus. All members of the "marigold family" have certain qualities, compounds, and/or substances that make them valuable around the world. What Parts of the Plant Are Helpful? Calendula plants contain a chemical extract that is rich in many antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds. This extract can be removed from the green parts of the plant (stems and...

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A quick overview of some of the benefits of Spirulina, and where to get it.

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If you're anything like me, you require at least a cup or two of coffee per day just to get out of bed. We all know and love the wake up boost we get from our favorite cup of joe, but what about the other beneficial aspects of coffee? Did you know that coffee is actually great for your skin? It can treat inflammation, reduce the appearance of cellulite (temporarily), restore elasticity, and a lot more. © Doreen Salcher | Dreamstime Stock Photos Many of our skin care products contain coffee, and here's a few of the reasons why:  ...

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