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Kilted Suds ~ The Dirty Truth Blog

  • Citrus Mandarin Bar Soap

    This bar soap was created with some beautiful layers featuring solid yellow and a swirled orange and white center. The fragrance contains top notes of grapefruit, lemony citron, and mandarin blend with touches of peach, orange, and delicate cyclamen for an irresistible burst of brightness!!
  • Unscented Bar Soaps | Soap Round-Up

    We have a variety of unscented bar soaps here at Kilted Suds, all with different benefits and functions. Take a look at the varieties of unscented bar soap we currently have available:
  • Blue Tide Bar Soap

    We've got a brand new soap for you this week, Blue Tide Bar Soap



  • Fáilte Bar Soap

    This week's video is for the restock of our ever popular Fáilte Bar Soap. Created with chia seeds for gentle exfoliation and therapeutic grade lemongrass essential oil.
  • Making Acai Bowl Bar Soap

    This week's featured soap is our brand new Acai Bowl Bar Soap!!

    This soap was completely inspired by the beautiful colors found in a fresh Acai Bowl.

  • Floral Bar Soaps | Soap Round-Up

    In the mood for something floral for your shower?? We've taken the time to round up some of our favorite floral bar soaps here at Kilted Suds!    
  • Where to Apply Roll On Essential Oils

    Roll-on essential oil blends are wonderfully convenient to use, and they have some amazing benefits for your body, mind and spirit. There are definitely some ares of the body which will help you get the maximum benefits out of your oils when used as a place to apply. You can apply most oils just about anywhere, but we have compiled a list of the four BEST places to apply your roll-on oils.
  • Ingredient Highlight - Matcha

    This month we released our Matcha Mint Latte Bar Soap, which as the name suggests, contains matcha green tea powder. I chose to include this ingredient because it is a wonderful natural colorant, and because the tea has many skin-loving properties. Today I wanted to take a moment to tell you my top 3 favorite benefits of Matcha Green Tea!
  • Meet the Maker

    Usually when I write blog posts, I try to make them about things that my customers have questions about, or things that are currently important to myself and my brand. One thing that I get asked all the time as how I got started in this business. So... I figured it might be the perfect opportunity to take a minute and tell you guys a little bit about me and how Kilted Suds began.
  • Ingredient Highlight - Candelilla Wax

    Candelilla wax adds shine to products, all while functioning as a hardener, a stabilizer, an emulsifier, a fast-absorbing lubricant, and a nourishing skin conditioner. It is believed that Candelilla Wax might even help reduce the appearance of stretch marks as well as the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and age spots.
  • All new VEGAN & Plastic-Free Lip Balms

    Lip balm is BACK at Kilted Suds, but with an all new formula and all new packaging! We took a hiatus from bringing you lip balm so that we could release a totally new product for you that better fits our company standards!
  • Essential Oil Bar Soaps | Soap Round-Up

    I have always loved using essential oils to fragrance my soaps. There is just something super special about the scents that can be created from a good blend of essential oils. My personal favorites are the citrus and herbal oils. I find that they appeal to the largest group of people. I've taken a moment to round up some of the essential oil soaps currently available at Kilted Suds for you to look at!!