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Identifying Your Hair Type, Part 1 - Oil Levels

The first step in properly caring for your hair is determining your personal hair type. We all face different struggles with hair care, and let's face it, we are ALL envious of someone else's hair. So how do you know how to make your hair shampoo commercial worthy? Start here!! Over the next 6 posts, you will learn 6 different qualities of your hair, and how to identify them.

Oily, or Dry?

Just like your skin, hair has it's own oil levels, and they don't always necessarily follow the same rules as your skin! The good news here is that just like with your face, it is relatively easy to determine the oily levels of your hair and scalp. Here's how to figure it out:

Find a time when you will not be sweating excessively, as this can alter results.

Wash your hair as you normally do, then let it air dry. Don't add any product to your hair, you want it clean and naked!


Wait a significant amount of time (8-10 hours), like over-night, to test for oil. You want to make sure your scalp has enough time to produce oils, as it normally does.

After you are done waiting, take a paper towel or tissue, part your hair, and press on your scalp in a few different areas. Be sure to press or pat, don't rub!

Some areas can be more oily than others, just like your face. The amount of oil you see on the tissue will tell you your levels (oily, medium oily, dry, combination).

  • Oily - A lot of oil on the tissue
  • Medium - Some oil
  • Dry - No Oil
  • Combination - Different levels of oil in different places
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