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Heartbeat Bar Soap

Our Heartbeat Bar Soap was inspired by a baseline heartbeat. I wanted to try to create a soap that referenced the pattern of a beating heart!

This beautiful bar soap was created using the sculpted layers technique. As you will see in the video, the fragrance oil actually slowed trace on me, making it a tad more difficult to get the perfect sculpted layers that I was looking for. A pencil line of red mica on top of the sculpted layers adds the look of a heartbeat, along side some adorable heart shaped embeds!

Heartbeat Bar Soap by Kilted Suds

To create this soap, a scraper was cut out from cardboard in the shape of a baseline. A bottom layer of soap was poured, then scraped to create the desired shape. After the shape was defined well enough, a dusting of red mica was added to make this line visible in the final soap. Some red heart embeds went in, along with the rest of the soap batter.

The top was decorated with the leftover bits of heart embeds and given a bit of texture.

Heartbeat Bar Soap by Kilted Suds
And there it is!! Our Heartbeat Bar Soap!! What do you think?

Grab a bar for yourself on February 1, 2021 at 10AM EST:

Watch Us Make It:

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Enchanted! Loved watching you make this!!! So website says “unavailable?”

Gayle Cahn

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