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Hit the Headaches with Peppermint

As I write this post, I'm sitting on my couch dealing with a pulsing headache. While headaces have many causes, and many cures, I have learned a few tricks that seem to help, one of which is using peppermint essential oil. I actually stumbeled upon the usefulness of peppermint oil after one of my customers told me how much it has helped her headaches. Who would have thought right?

Anyway, I took her advice, and started using my peppermint soap when I get headaches, and it really does help! I've since done some research on the subject, and wanted to share a bit of what I've discovered.

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Peppermint oil has been used over the years as a natural remedy for headaches, nausea, gas, indigestion, cold symptoms, skin irritations, anxiety, diarrhea, menstrual cramps, muscle and nerve pain as well as stomach and bowel conditions. This is due to the fact that peppermint has been found to be both calming, and numbing (note here, please don't use peppermint soap to wash sensitive areas, unless you are looking for a bit of a tingle).

The oil is helpful when applied topically, inhaled, or ingested. Not many studies have been done on the subject, but that sure doesn't mean that it can't help! Get your hands on some peppermint soap, or try one of our Headache Essential Oil Roller Bottles!


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As with all treatments, please consult a doctor before starting any new treatments, whether natural, over the counter, or prescribed.


Have you used Peppermint Oil for headaches? Does it work for you?

Updated 1.26.20

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