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How Much Bacteria is Your Bath Sponge Growing?

 I love taking showers at night, there is no better feeling than being super nice and clean and then getting into a nice clean bed. Or I thought I was clean. The sponges and loofahs we all know and love to have in our showers are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and should be replaced or sanitized on a regular basis.

You ever have one of these guys?

If there is one of these guys in your shower, you should probably just throw it away right now. In a study published by the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, researchers discovered that all of the gross stuff you scrub off of your skin becomes entrapped in the nooks and crannies of the netting. All bacteria needs to flourish is air and water... Insert shower life here, and the bacteria trapped in your shower pouf multiplies and spreads overnight.

“Then, you put them in this environment in the shower that’s warm and moist and gross, and it’s a set up for bacteria, yeast, and mold to grow in the loofah,” says J. Matthew Knight, M.D., dermatologist with Knight Dermatology Institute.

Knight says 9 out of 10 dermatologists recommend throwing out your loofah for good, but if you have to have one, replace it every three to four weeks and leave it to dry somewhere not as moist or warm as near the shower. Experts also recommend using a wash cloth instead, it can easily be thrown into the laundry after use.


Enter Kilted Suds to save the day with these guys....

TA DA! Hand crafted with 100% acrylic yarn, our bath puffs are created with actual cleanliness and hygiene in mind. They're the perfect combination of loofah and washcloth, and are completely machine washable. Ditch the gross plastic netting that is probably making you sick, and switch to something you can wash, dry, and use for years to come. They make a very simple switch from single use, so they they also better for the environment!

I also have a selection of 100% cotton washcloths available for the same reason. Make your home, your body, and your shower a cleaner place!


Updated 4.15.22


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what about uv light for tooth brush?

Keith Schilleman

After all the reading I’ve done, shower poufs can also be sanitized in a solution. Both wash cloths and poufs need to be sanitized after each use.


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