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Where to Apply Roll On Essential Oils

Roll-on essential oil blends are wonderfully convenient to use, and they have some amazing benefits for your body, mind and spirit. There are definitely some ares of the body which will help you get the maximum benefits out of your oils when used as a place to apply. You can apply most oils just about anywhere, but we have compiled a list of the four BEST places to apply your roll-on oils.


Wrist Application of Essential Oils

The inside of your wrist is a very common location to apply roll-on essential oils. This is likely because many people would naturally apply any fragrance here. This location gives you the ability to deeply inhale your oils whenever you want with just a simple movement. Did you know that there is actually a scientific reason to apply essential oils here though?

The inner wrist is a pulse point in your body. Your radial artery runs here and makes it easy for your body to absorb essential oils into the bloodstream.


Temple Application of Essential Oils

Your temples, the soft spot located on the sides of your forehead, are another wonderful pulse point that can be used for essential oil application. The temporal artery runs here close to the skin's surface. This is a wonderful location to apply essential oils that are thought to aid with stress or headaches. Try applying oils like Focus, Grounded, or Headache here.

Bottom of the Feet

Foot Application of Essential Oils

The bottoms of your feet have some of the largest pores in your body. This makes it very easy for things to be absorbed into the body through the feet. Application of essential oils on the bottoms of the feet means that your body can absorb these oils very quickly, helping you enjoy the benefits of your oils even faster.

Behind the Ears

Behind the Ear Application of Essential Oils

This is another common location for people to apply fragrance. Because it is a location that is not often touched by the hands or clothing, it can allow an essential oil or fragrance to remain in place for a longer period of time. The skin behind the ears is also one of the locations where your skin is most absorbent, and there is a pressure point there too. Application of essential oils behind the ear can help you experience all of the benefits of your oils even faster!

Kilted Suds Essential Oil Blends

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