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How to Use Sea Salt Hair Spray

I've been having so much fun with all things hair related lately, and summer is quickly coming to an end here in Pennsylvania, so here it is folks: How to use Sea Salt Hair Spray

Begin with damp hair

Sea salt sprays are typically best used on hair that has not been freshly shampooed. This is because the salt itself can be drying for your hair. Also, since the intention of sea salt spray is to add volume, leaving those natural oils right on your head is a much better way to go. Go ahead, take yourself a shower, but skip the shampoo today. For best results, your hair should be damp, not fully saturated.

Get Your Hair Under Control

Just a gentle comb through will do the trick. You want your hair to be tangle free so that the spray can get to your hair, and you also want your hair to fall naturally.

Shake It, Girls and Boys

Go ahead and shake the heck out of that bottle. You want to make sure that your spray is totally mixed up, and that you get even application. So go ahead, Shake It!

Spray, Spray Away

It's time to apply! How much spray you need with depend on your hair type. If your hair naturally has a lot of volume, you will not need as much spray as if you have flat hair. Spray each section of your hair, focusing on the middle and top sections. If you are looking for more volume, spray sea salt on your roots as well.

After you have sprayed and applied, it is time to work the product in and give you that beachy look you are going for. To do this you want to scrunch, crunch and twist your hair. If it isn't time to leave the house yet, or if you are applying the night before, feel free to apply and then put your hair up in scrunchies or messy buns. When it's time to wake up, or time to go, simply let your hair down and GO!


Let It Dry

The best possible choice is to let your hair air dry. If you applied and styled the night before, you should be good to go in the morning. If you are applying the day of, your hair should only be slightly damp, so air drying should not take too long. Go ahead and put your makeup on, and then you should be ready to go!

Stay tuned for a DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray Recipe

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