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How to Wash Your Face

It seems pretty basic right? Water, soap, rinse, dry. But are you washing your face the right way?

According to our resident esthetician, there are 6 steps to properly wash your face. Following these six steps regularly will drastically reduce signs of aging, and keep your skin healthy.


Step One... Add Water


Using warm water is the most gentle option. Try splashing your face, or using a washcloth (Like one of these). Using warm water will avoid the sometimes abrasive qualities of hot or cold water, and will gently open the pores of your face. Allowing your pores to open will make the next steps more effective.


Step Two... Bubble it up

soap bubbles

    For this part, it is important to know your skin type. Facial skin is some of the most sensitive skin on your body, making it vitally important to choose a soap or cleanser that works with your skin. One of our favorite facial cleansers is Lemon Oat Bar Soap. For another great facial cleanser, try our Whipped Facial Cleanser, which is packed with all sorts of wonderful ingredients. (Don't forget to remove your makeup first!! Try a natural makeup remover such as coconut oil for a simple remover.)

    Once you have decided on the best cleanser for your skin type, apply it to your face using a circular motion. The circular motion continues to open your pores, while working out the dirt and impurities. Continue washing for between thirty seconds and one minute.


    Step Three... Kill The Dead Skin

    Exfoliation gently removes dead skin and dirt. It uses some type of abrasive substance to gently scrub. While this is not a step that must be completed daily, exfoliating every few days helps to avoid black heads, acne, and clogged pores. It will also help in maintaining an even complexion. If you are using one of our wash cloths, the cloth itself will aid in gently exfoliating your skin. Consider using a sugar scrub, or exfoliating soap every few days as well, focusing your attention on areas that are dry or oily.

      Step Four... Add More Water, Don't Forget to Bring a Towel

      baby towel

      Continue using warm water to rise your face. Be sure to wash off all signs of your cleanser and exfoliant from your skin. When drying your face, use patting motions rather than rubbing. Rubbing facial skin can cause premature ageing, wrinkles, and skin irritation, so pat, pat, pat!!

      Step Five... Tone!

      facial toner

      Toner is not a necessary step, but one that I highly recommend. If using a typical store-bought toner, be sure to look for alcohol-free, as many store bought toners have a somewhat high alcohol content. This alcohol can dry out your skin, especially with prolonged exposure. Apply toner using something like a cotton ball to any places where the pores on your face appear to be large. Some fantastic things to try for natural toners include aloe, witch hazel, rose water, or even a mixture of half lemon juice, half water.

        Step Six... Add More Water (Moisturize)


        Facial moisturizers are specially formulated just for the sensitive skin of your face. Choose a moisturizer that is meant for your skin type, and gently apply to your face using circular motions. The moisturizer you choose will help to protect your skin from the sun and other elements, preventing premature ageing and promoting healthy skin. If washing your face before bed, a heavier moisturizer will aid your skin in the process of regeneration overnight. If washing your face during the day or before going outside, consider using a moisturizer that contains some sort of SPF to help protect you from the sun.

        Step Seven... Don't Use Paint.

        This one is totally self-explanatory.

        Paint Face

        Updated 1.26.20

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