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Identifying Your Hair Type, Part 3 - Elasticity

Hair elasticity is a measurement of how much your hair can stretch when pulled on, much like a rubber-band. This elasticity determines the strength of your hair, hair with high elasticity will have bounce, volume, and potentially curl. Similarly to the other hair qualities we have discussed, there are varying levels that can be found in your hair.

How to determine elasticity

As always, begin with clean hair, free of product for the most accurate results. For this test, you want your hair to be dry.

Dry hair

Gently pull out a strand of hair at the scalp. You want to have the entire strand if at all possible.

Hold the strand of hair at both ends and begin to slowly stretch the strand. Pay close attention to what the strand of hair does as you stretch it, and when it breaks.

  • Breaks immediately - Low elasticity (weak hair)
  • Stretches a bit, then breaks - Medium elasticity (may have minor damage)
  • Stretches a lot, up to 50% of original length - High elasticity (strong hair)


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