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Identifying Your Hair Type, Part 6 - Curl Pattern

Welcome to the final instalment of identifying your hair type! The very last hair quality we are checking for is the curl pattern of your hair. The curl pattern is classified in 4 basic groups. Though there are further classifications and sub categories in each group, I am only going to cover the basics.

What is my curl pattern?

Begin by washing your hair as you normally do. Air dry, and hold off on the product for now.

Remove a strand of hair from the root. You want to have the whole strand of hair for observation.

curly hair

Lay the strand of hair on a sheet of white paper, and simply look at how it falls. This will tell you your basic curl pattern

  • No curve - straight hair
  • Slight curves - wavy hair
  • "S" shaped bends - curly hair
  • Tightly coiled "z" shape - coily/kinky hair

Now that you know all of the important identifying properties of your hair, you can start washing, styling, and cutting in a manner best suited for your hair. Get ready to have amazing hair!!

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