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Introducing Bath Tea

Here at Kilted Suds, we love herbs and all the amazing things that come with them! We have been using fresh and dried herbs in our products since day one, along with essential oils created from the same plants. We wanted to come up with a way to help you enjoy the amazing benefits of an herbal bath, without all the mess that comes along with throwing a bunch of plants into your bath tub.

With that in mind, we are proud to introduce our newest product collection: Bath Tea!

Bath teas and herbal soaks are by no means our invention. They are typically a blend of herbs, flowers, salts, fragrances and more that are added to bath water for you to soak and enjoy. Our bath tea comes wrapped up in a tea bag to help you enjoy all the benefits of an herbal bath, without the mess.

The benefit of herbs has been studied for centuries, and we think you should be able to enjoy it in a fun way!

Kilted Suds Bath Tea is currently available in FOUR different varieties, each packaged up in a box set of 4 individual tea bags. Add one to your tub, or add all four for a luxurious soak. We cannot wait to see what you think!


These teas can be used for many things other than just a bath. Consider using them for an at home pedicure, a facial steam, or even just to make your dresser drawers smell fantastic!

Let us know below which blend is your favorite, and your favorite way to use our Bath Tea Bags!!

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