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Introducing Kilted Suds Shampoo Bars

Over the last few months I have formulated a recipe and created our 1st ever Kilted Suds Shampoo Bars. I want to take a moment today to explain to a little bit about why I chose the ingredients that are (and are NOT) included in these bars.

One thing that was very important to me in formulating the Kilted Suds Shampoo Bar, was to make sure that I could bring you a product that did not contain sulfates. In most commercially available shampoos, sulfates like SLS and SLSA are used to enhance the amount of lather. These ingredients are typically what give you the piles and piles of bubbles you get from a commercial shampoo. For many people, the bubbles are what makes them think that the product is working. Fortunately for me though, this is not true! Big, fake bubbles don't mean your shampoo is working better.

Of course, I did want the shampoo to make bubbles, so the concentrations of oils and butters used in the bar were formulated to make sure the shampoo bar would lather well.

Next up, I wanted to bring you a bar of shampoo that smelled great by using only essential oils. After double-checking and researching, I formulated the delicious blend of essential oils that fragrances the Kilted Suds Shampoo Bar. The essential oils I chose to incorporate not only smell divine, they also have beneficial properties for hair, skin, and scalp!

Now, how to make the shampoo gentle enough for all hair types? For this purpose, I decided to replace the majority of the water content with Apple Cider Vinegar. ACV is known to have a pH level similar to that of your own scalp. It is a wonderful detangler, and does not weigh the hair down.

Other additions found in our Shampoo Bars include:

  • Shea Butter - For soft, moisturized locks
  • Sage - for shine and to encourage growth
  • Calendula - for soothing and moisture
  • Aloe - for moisture
  • Colloidal Oat - for itchy or dry scalp


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