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Kilted Suds and Essential Oils

I am forever trying to improve myself, my family, my business, and my products. So, about a year ago, I began taking courses, and gaining certifications. At this point, I (Brigid), have successfully completed two essential oil related certifications, Aromatherapy, and Holistic Essential Oils.

After the completion of these certifications, I decided to launch a line of Essential Oil Roller Bottles here at Kilted Suds. This process challenged me to put my knowledge to use, and the results are pretty awesome!

Kilted Suds Essential Oils

Currently, our line of Essential Oil Rollers contains six varieties:

  • Focus - helps with staying focused and on task
  • Grounded - helps promote balance and inner harmony
  • Sleep - helps sooth and calm, promotes sleep
  • Calm - helps promote whole-body relaxation
  • Creative - helps encourage creativity and self expression
  • Breath - helps clear and rejuvenate the respiratory system

Each of these blends was crafted with a specific purpose (as can be seen in the names), and all are used on a regular basis in my own home. They can be used specifically for their intended purposes, or can be applied as a natural fragrance.


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