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Making Acai Bowl Bar Soap

Each week I publish a video to our YouTube and Instagram accounts featuring the making of a new batch of soap. This week's featured soap is our brand new Acai Bowl Bar Soap!!

This soap was completely inspired by the beautiful colors found in a fresh Acai Bowl. Think a little something like this:

Acai Bowl

The fragrance I chose blended perfectly with this color choice. It is a healthy blend of acai berries, lemon and strawberry accented with notes of rose.

My first step was to actually get the colors ready and mixed up. I wanted the base color of this soap to really give the "acai feeling"

Blending soap colors

The accent colors are intended to represent the other different fruits I imagined in my soapy breakfast: blueberry, kiwi and strawberry.

Soap color blending

After fully blending the color (and of course the fragrance) into each section, it was time to start the pour. I decided on a drop-swirl technique for this soap. Drop swirls are created by pouring one color into another from varying heights above the soap mold. The pour was started with the base acai color and then the accent colors were alternated until all soap batter was in the mold.

Pouring SoapPouring Soap

Once the mold was full, it was time to decorate the top. This was achieved by scraping the remaining soap from each container in lines down the top of the soap. These colors were then swirled using a wooden skewer. A little bit of chia seed along one side adds an additional bit of interest to the top of this soap.

Swirling SoapWet Soap Top

There ya have it, Acai Bowl Bar Soap is ready to rest for about 24 hours before it is cut!

All of our soaps here at Kilted Suds cure for a minimum of 8 weeks before being packaged and made available for sale for all of our #KiltedBeauties


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Acai Bowl Bar Soap


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