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Milford Rose Bar Soap

There's a new batch of our Milford Rose Bar Soap coming for you all in February 2021!!! As always, the flowers for this soap were harvested locally in Milford, Pennsylvania. The flowers were then processed for use in our soap (you can read more about the roses and how we process them here).

Milford Rose Bar Soap by Kilted Suds

This year's soap has gotten a face lift with the addition of some rose buds and some Himalayan rock salt on the top of each bar. I think this just adds a little something extra special to this amazing bar of soap!

Milford Rose Bar Soap by Kilted Suds

The inside of this soap was created with a solid color because we felt that adding a swirl would take away from the beautiful ingredients we used.

Out Milford Rose Bar Soap will be available for purchase on February 1, 2021 at 10:00am EST.

Get a bar of your own here:

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Will we be getting a notification before the sale as a reminder?

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