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NEW Compostable Plastic-Free Soap Packaging!

Today I have some very exciting news for all of you. Many of you know that since I started making bar soaps, I have been looking for a way to wrap them that is plastic free. This has presented me with many challenges, as when I display my soaps I really want customers to be able to see what the bars of soap look like. I also want my soaps to be protected from the elements and from hands picking them up. I considered using things like boxes or paper wrappers, but that hides too much of the soap and really is not cost effective. For a long time my soaps were wrapped with just a cigar band and no shrink wrap packaging at all. This created many problems for me, as I lost of a lot of product as any time I went to a farmers market or festival and there was any moisture in the air. It also made it difficult for me to feel like I was selling a hygienic product, as each bar of soap was touched and handled by hundreds of people.


I am very excited to tell you guys I think I have finally found the answer. When scrolling through Instagram a few weeks ago, I found photos of soaps made by a soap-maker in the UK. She uses a sort of cellophane wrap that is made from cellulose fibers from trees. After seeing her wrappers, I did a bit of research on my own. I couldn't find the exact wrappers that she uses for her soap here in the United States, but I was able to find something just like them.


I am very proud to introduce you guys to our all new plastic-free wrapping. We are transitioning over to using the plastic-free wraps on all of our new bar soaps. It will take a little while for all soaps to convert to the new packaging, as it does not make sense to me to unwrap soaps that are already done. This will cause unnecessary waste and put plastic in landfills without it ever even being used.


Our new soap wrappers come from NatureFlex™. They are cellophane bags that are made from 100% clear compostable cellulose found in wood fibers taken exclusively from sustained forests.These wrappers can be composted at home when possible, but rest assured that if you're wrappers do make their way to the landfill, they will certainly break down much faster than plastic would.


The NatureFlex™ wrappers

  • Meet ASTM D6400 & EN13432 standards for California & other states
  • Comply with FDA regulations for food packaging
  • In a home composting environment, will typically break down in a few weeks

Because beauty shouldn't hurt the environment.

Learn more about NatureFlex™

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    Do you know the name of the cellophane wrap made from cellulose fibres in the UK please?

    Rosie Duncan

    Great to see you using these. I been searching to see if anyone has used them in packaging soap. Do you shrink wrap them?

    Dawn Organics

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