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NEW! Conditioning Oil

In the past at Kilted Suds we have offered you two wonderful products for conditioning hair: Beard Oil and Hair Oil

These products are extremely similar, so we have decided to streamline the process and combine them into one all-purpose Conditioning Oil. Our Conditioning Oil is perfect for application to ALL hair, be it on your face, or on the top of your head! Go ahead, pick the scent you like best and Condition away!

Beard Oils and Hair Oils are a combination of oils, generally plant based, that have beneficial properties for the often coarse hair on the face as well as for the hair on the top of your head. Depending on the formulation, these oils can work as a leave-in conditioner, a frizz-taming serum, and can even promote growth and cleanliness. All of these properties, combined with a pleasant smell, can be gained in less than five minutes after your shower.

We've switched up our packaging a bit for this product relaunch too! Kilted Suds Conditioning Oil will be available in 1 oz amber glass bottles with dropper tops. We have decided to discontinue the 2 oz bottles, as we have found that many of our customers are unable to use that quantity of oil quickly enough (a little bit goes a long way!!).

Because Beauty Shouldn't Hurt Your Hair!

Take a look at some of our new varieties, and the new face of some old favorites:



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