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Our Green Mission - Market Bags

Plastic shopping bags are a huge contributor to plastic pollution. They are a thing that many if not most of us use, probably without even thinking about it!

At Kilted Suds, we have never used plastic shopping bags, and have instead always opted for a paper bag. The bags we currently use for festivals and other in-person events are made from recycled post-consumer waste, and are of course fully recyclable. These bags are still essentially single-use products, even though they could be reused by the customer. For this reason, we have decided to introduce some new products to Kilted Suds, reusable shopping bags and totes. These will be available both in-person and online, while supplies last. We want our products to go home with you in the most environmentally friendly way possible

Because Beauty Shouldn't Hurt the planet!

Take a look at the two organic cotton options we have for you:




There is one more cotton shopping bag coming soon, be sure to sign up for our mailing list so you know when it hits the store!

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