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Our Green Mission - Shampoo

By now you all know that we are trying to make Kilted Suds as environmentally friendly as we can. This includes things like what products we make, what our ingredients are, and what kind of packaging we use. One of the products that I think fits the sustainability factor incredibly well is our Shampoo Bars!

We all know at this point that our planet is struggling with the number of plastic bottles that we are using. These bottles are not biodegradable, and more often than not, they are not recycled. The beauty of shampoo bars in this aspect is so obvious. They are a solid, and don't require a bottle! We've taken this packaging benefit one step further by wrapping all of our shampoo bars in compostable paper!

Currently, Kilted Suds offers 4 varieties of Shampoo Bars, and we are working on testing formulations for conditioner bars too!

What other varieties of shampoo bar would you like to see from Kilted Suds?


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