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Pomegranate Bar Soap

Our all-new Pomegranate Bar Soap was a fun little experiment in mixing techniques. This bar soap was created using a wall-pour ombre technique. This means that the soap was poured down the side of the mold in different colored layers. A few other colors were then added in using a drop-swirl.

Pomegranate Bar Soap from Kilted Suds

This sweet, fruity fragrance is perfect for year-round use! The little dried flowers on top add a bit of elegance to any shower or tub.

Pomegranate Bar Soap will be available for purchase December 1, 2020 at 10AM EST. 

Watch the Making of Pomegranate Bar Soap on YouTube:

Thinking of making a bar or two of this soap a holiday gift? Be sure to get your order in early!

Have a Happy Wednesday Kilted Beauties!!

Pomegranate Bar Soap

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