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Our Green Mission - Recycling Program

In conjunction with all of the packaging changes we have been implementing here at Kilted Suds, we want to introduce you to our all new recycling program.

Part of our mission for this year is to remove as much single-use plastic from our products as possible. Some items still require plastic though. Things like the pumps for our lotion bottles. This got us to thinking. Rather than making our beautiful new glass lotion jars single use, why not start a recycling program within our company?!

Here's how it will work:

When you purchase a bottle of our Luxury Hand & Body Lotion, use it all up, but keep that bottle!! Next time you come shop with us at any in-person event, bring that bottle back with you. When you return a bottle, you will have the option to receive 10% off your purchase that day, or 1 free bar of soap! Bring back 5 empty bottles in one visit, and you'll walk away with a brand new bottle for FREE!

Sleep Lotion

We will have some guidelines for returning bottles to make sure that they can be used again. To qualify for recycling through Kilted Suds, lotion bottles must meet the following guidelines:

  • be free of cracks, chips, scratches or other breakage
  • be free of interior contamination - don't bother washing out that bottle. We will take care of that when the bottles are sanitized for re-use
  • have original cap still attached and in working order

We would prefer you return your bottle unwashed, and with the labels still attached.


In time we hope to expand this recycling initiative to include other products like our roller bottles. Be sure to sign up for our emails so you know what is happening!

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