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Say "Cheese!!"

In my personal opinion, how attractive your face is begins with your smile, and your smile is all about your teeth! Those who know me know that I have been dealing with a lot of dental issues the past year or so. I believe that these issues were probably spurred by matters outside of my control, but I have been researching all things dental care for some time. Trying to combat tooth decay, cavities, and gingivitis naturally, and at home may sound scary, but I have found a few different things that really have made a difference for me personally.

There are a few points of contention for me surrounding typical oral hygiene


As with many things, artificial colors appear in many toothpastes. This is an ingredient that I have a hard time understanding. Why does my toothpaste need to be patriotic? It does not change the flavor, and has no beneficial qualities as far as I can tell, other than perhaps encouraging people to use the paste.

The FD & C dyes included in toothpaste can be quickly absorbed into the body through both the inside of the mouth, and the lips. Your mouth absorbs things really well, and really fast. When you think about it, that means that you are exposing your body to unnecessary chemicals and known carcinogens multiple times a day, all in an effort to stay clean and healthy...

Other dangerous ingredients in commercial toothpaste can include things like high levels of sodium fluoride (in many cases, enough to kill a small child in a few hours), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Triclosan (registered by the EPA as a "dangerous insecticide"), and Hydrated Silica (found in many whitening toothpastes, abrasive enough to damage enamel).


Please keep in mind, I am not suggesting that you throw the advise of your dentist out the window. They have experience in the field, and went to medical school. There are, however, a few things that you can do for your oral hygiene that perhaps your dentist didn't think of.

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