Soap Ends Are BACK, and Available Online!

Posted by Brigid McHugh

Here at Kilted Suds, all of our products are hand crafted. For some products this means that there is often left-overs, scraps, or other excess. For most of our products, this extra becomes our tester or sample for in-person festivals and events, but for bar soap, that is not the case!

For a few years now, we have offered bags of "Soap Ends" at all of our in-person events. Many of you have asked us to make these available online, and we finally have gotten enough in stock to do so. Those of you who have never seen or heard of our Soap Ends, here they are:

Kilted Suds Soap Ends

When our soap is made, it is created in loaves. When the loaves get cut, there is often a little leftover at the ends. We cut these end pieces into easy to handle pieces, mix them all up, and fill bags by weight. Each bag of soap ends contains 10 full ounces of assorted soaps. You might get discontinued varieties, currently available soaps, or even a sneak peek at something that hasn't even been released!

Each bag of Soap Ends is completely one of a kind and random. No special requests can be made for scent or variety. They are perfect for someone who wants to try a little bit of everything, and so many other things too!

Some ideas from our customers:

  • Great for travel - bring a piece or two with you when you go. They can be packed in carry-on or checked luggage since they are a solid, and because it isn't a full bar of soap, you don't have to worry about bringing wet soap back home with you!
  • Perfect for the gym - throw some soap ends into your gym bag, or leave them in your locker. The scent will keep things smelling fresh, and you can use the soap ends as you need them
  • Nurses love them - we have many nurses who love our soap ends to keep in their locker at work. It gives the ability to use a soap that is not harsh and drying when at work.
  • Never get bored - You can have a new variety almost as often as you want! Because of the convenient size, you can switch out your soaps much more often than with full bars

Our Soap End Bags are always a huge hit with our customers, and we don't get to make them that often, so be sure to grab yours while you can! Just ten bags are available this time around.

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How do you use your soap ends?? Let us know in the comments below!



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