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Soothing Sandalwood Bar Soap

Today's bar soap was created by customer request! Some of you may remember a batch of Sandalwood Soap that I made a few years ago. The fragrance did not cooperate with me AT ALL and the batch seized up almost instantly. I was able to get the soap into the molds, and ended up with a beautifully fragranced bar.

This soap variety has been missed by many of our Sandalwood loving customers for some time now, so I decided to give this fragrance another go. I will say, in my years of soap making, the original batch was probably the WORST acceleration I have ever experienced from a fragrance

Soothing Sandalwood Bar Soap.

Having all of this past experience to guide me, I made a plan for this batch of soap. Three colors in even, straight layers. The trick here was to stick blend to a light trace and then split the batch. Adding the fragrance to one portion at a time gave me JUST enough time to gently mix with a spatula and get the layer into the mold before it set up.

This batch was 100% a success, and I look forward to keeping this soap in stock in the future for all of you!

Sandalwood fragrance - 1

Kilted Suds - 1

We're going to need a tie-breaker batch in the future!

Watch Us Make It:

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This is the best smelling, best soap on the planet. Kilted Suds uses ethical ingredients to make a high quality and wonderful product. We love the sandalwood soap.


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