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The Cure For Soap

I often get asked how I make my soap, and the thing that always seems to shock people is that my soaps all cure for a minimum of 8 weeks after they are made. Cold processed soaps all require a cure time to make them safe for use, and here's why:

Sodium Hydroxide (lye) is a necessary ingredient in the making of soap. The chemical reaction that occurs between the lye and oils is what creates a bar of soap. This chemical reaction is fully complete after about 48 hours, at which point, the lye is neutralized and no longer present in the final product. Handcrafted soaps are technically safe for use after this 48 hour period.

So why wait 8 whole weeks? I have two main reasons.

As the soaps sit on the drying rack, excess moisture evaporates out of the bar. This causes the soaps to shrink, becoming harder and more dense. A harder bar of soap will last longer in your shower or on your sink, making your money stretch farther. 

The second reason for my long cure time? As the soap cures, the pH levels change slightly. The longer the bar sits, the more gentle the final bar of soap is.

Long story short, while we hate being out of stock on any of your favorite bubbles, the longer we all wait, the better the end product is!

Patience my dear ones!

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I learned today. This makes it a good day. Thx.


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