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Wake Up Your Skin With Coffee

If you're anything like me, you require at least a cup or two of coffee per day just to get out of bed. We all know and love the wake up boost we get from our favorite cup of joe, but what about the other beneficial aspects of coffee? Did you know that coffee is actually great for your skin? It can treat inflammation, reduce the appearance of cellulite (temporarily), restore elasticity, and a lot more.

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Many of our skin care products contain coffee, and here's a few of the reasons why:

Coffee Exfoliates

While full blown coffee beans might not do a whole lot for exfoliating tired dry skin, once that miracle bean is ground into finer pieces, it makes a wonderful natural exfoliant. You will find coffee grinds in some of our soaps and in some of our sugar scrubs. It's not in there just for the smell, the shape of the coffee grinds helps make a sugar scrub that exfoliates without hurting. Keep in mind, everyone's skin is different, and for some people coffee scrubs maybe too rough for your face.


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Coffee Reduces Inflammation

Here it's not so much about the coffee as what is in the coffee. The caffeine in coffee to be exact. Caffeine has very strong anti-inflammatory properties, making it a wonderful addition to your skin care regiment for reducing swelling and redness. Studies like the one performed at the Seoul National University in 1981 have shown that caffeine is able to reduce inflammation nearly as well as aspirin! The reduction in redness and swelling you will see from adding caffeine to your skin care routine will help you achieve a radiant and even skin tone.

Coffee Tightens Your Skin

So we're still talking about caffeine here, but also coffee itself... Topical use of caffeine has shown to tighten fine lines and wrinkles, and firm your skin. We use brewed coffee in all of our liquid soaps for exactly this reason! Free radicals are the ones to blame for premature skin aging, sun spots, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity in your skin. As the caffeine from coffee is applied to your skin, it can attack the free radicals and in time eliminate them. If you check out the label on most anti-ageing day and night creams, you will find caffeine as an ingredient!
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Updated 1.26.20

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