What Is in My Bathroom

Posted by Brigid McHugh

I get asked often what my personal favorite products from Kilted Suds are. So today, I am doing a post all about the products I use on a regular basis, and there are quite a few of them. This is like the "What's In My Purse" challenge, but with the bathroom! Hope you guys enjoy!

Here's what's in my bathroom:

Spa Collection Soap with Cucumber and Clay

This is my regular, every day soap for my whole body right now. The cucumber helps a lot with keeping my dry skin moisturized.

Kilted Suds Cucumber Soap

Acai & Satin Lotion

Hands down my favorite lotion. The fragrance in this one is to die for. It is lightly sweet and fruity, and goes with everything. I use the lotion daily on my face (I have very dry skin), and every other day or so on the rest of my body.

Shampoo Bar

I typically only shampoo my hair once or twice a week, but when I do, this is the shampoo for me! Followed by an apple cider rinse or a touch of conditioner. Also, did I mention how fantastic it smells?

Patchouli Lemongrass Hair Oil

I don't use this one every day, but on days with high humidity, or when I need my hair to have less frizz, this is my solution. I find that it also helps me a great deal if my scalp becomes itchy.

Coffee Sugar Scrub

My favorite use for sugar scrubs is as a pre-shave exfoliant. I find that by using a sugar scrub before shaving my legs, the slip of my razor is improved, and I get a closer shave. 

Coffee Sugar Scrub Kilted Suds

Herbal Mint Lip Balm

Since the first time I made it, this lip balm has been my favorite variety. The perfect amount of mint without being too much. Although, this one doesn't stay in my bathroom anymore, it's now safely inside a key chain, and comes everywhere with me!


I could keep going... I have a bar of French Vanilla Soap that my mechanic husband uses to get grease and oil off his hands, a bottle of eucalyptus hand soap to keep the germs at bay, Hemp Balm for my dry skin, and so many more.

Now I want to know...….

What Kilted Suds products are in YOUR bathroom?


  • Right now I have one of every single essential oil roller! I hope you make more blends soon

    Lisa on

  • I have hemp lotion for my dry hands, the face mask multipack, lip gloss, market soap in the shower, and a whole basket of Suds & Buds for my husband.

    Colleen on

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