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How to Properly Use A Face Mask

Clay face masks, like those we make here at Kilted Suds, are often not used correctly. To get the most out of your face mask, and to leave your skin happy, follow these simple steps!

1. Mix Your Mask

If you are using one of Kilted Suds Face Masks, you will need to add the liquid of your choice to the powder base. Begin with about 1 tsp of dry ingredients in a bowl, and slowly add 1-2 tsp of liquid. Hot liquids combine best, but make sure it cools down a bit before you apply!

Wet Face Mask

Stir the mix until you have reached the desired consistency. You want something thin enough to spread, but thick enough that it stays on your face. Try not to mix too much, as left-over mask must be discarded once mixed with liquid.

2. Wash Your Face

Starting with clean skin is a must to gain the full benefits of any mask. Not sure if you're washing your face correctly? Read up here: How to Wash Your Face


3. Steam Your Face

Get a washcloth fully saturated with some hot water, and lay it over your clean face. This helps open your pores so that the face mask can do its job!

4. Apply the Mask

Using your fingers, or a brush, gently apply the mask to your face, avoiding the eyes and mouth.

Face Mask Application

Try using a gentle circular motion, and don't ever use too much pressure!

5. Rinse

This is the part most people do incorrectly. It's fun to let that clay mask dry completely on your face, but doing so can actually cause damage to your skin. A clay face mask goes through three separate phases:

  1. Damp - this is when your skin is absorbing all of the wonderful properties of your mask
  2. Drying - this phase occurs as the mask begins to dry. It stimulates blood flow through the skin, as the clay in the mask cools in temperature and contracts.
  3. Dry - the dry phase of a clay face mask is the part you actually want to avoid. At this point, the mask begins to draw moisture from the skin, causing irritation and dryness.

The best time to rinse off your mask is during phase 2. When the mask begins to dry in places, but still feels a bit tacky to the touch. Use a warm washcloth, and gently wash the mask from your face. You will find that it is easier to wash off when still slightly moist.

6. Tone

Using a toner after a face mask will help to ensure that your skin is happy. Toners help to close your pores back up, so that your nice clean skin does not begin collecting dirt and toxins.


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