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  • NEW! Conditioning Oil

    In the past at Kilted Suds we have offered you two wonderful products for conditioning hair: Beard Oil and Hair Oil

    These products are extremely similar, so we have decided to streamline the process and combine them into one all-purpose Conditioning Oil. Our Conditioning Oil is perfect for application to ALL hair, be it on your face, or on the top of your head! Go ahead, pick the scent you like best and Condition away!

  • I Mustache You About Your Beard

    Over the last few years, there has been an ever growing surge of men growing out their facial hair. This requires time, patience, a skilled hand (when wielding clippers or scissors), and some extra grooming. As the fad continues, many men are realizing that the use of a bit of product in that facial accessory really does help. Enter the world of Conditioning Beard Oil! Here's a quick summary: