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Kilted Suds ~ The Dirty Truth Blog

  • Coconut Lime Verbena Bar Soap

    Today's featured soap is one that you all have been asking me for: Coconut Lime Verbena!! Those that know me, know that I am not a fan of the smell of coconut. This soap was made just for YOU!!
  • Midnight Bar Soap

    Today's new soap video features the making of another all new bar soap, Midnight Bar Soap. This soap was created using a wonderfully fresh fragran...
  • Pomegranate Bar Soap

    Pomegranate Bar Soap was a fun little experiment in mixing techniques. This bar soap was created using a wall-pour ombre technique. This means that the soap was poured down the side of the mold in different colored layers. A few other colors were then added in using a drop-swirl.
  • Balsam Fir Bar Soap

    We decided to go easy with the Holiday Themed Bar Soaps this year, as most of our in-person events have been canceled. I still wanted to make sure that you had at least a couple of options that counted as "Holiday Bar Soaps". On that note, I'm pleased to introduce our Balsam Fir Bar Soap!
  • Unscented Bar Soaps | Soap Round-Up

    We have a variety of unscented bar soaps here at Kilted Suds, all with different benefits and functions. Take a look at the varieties of unscented bar soap we currently have available:
  • Blue Tide Bar Soap

    We've got a brand new soap for you this week, Blue Tide Bar Soap



  • Our Green Mission - Leaping Bunny

    I am so excited to tell you that as of May 2019, Kilted Suds is officially Leaping Bunny Certified. For those of you who may not know what this certification is, Leaping Bunny is a non profit organization that certifies companies for being cruelty free. In order for a company to become Leaping Bunny certified, they must provide proof and documentation that none of their products or ingredients are tested on animals. This goes as far as to require signed forms from ingredient suppliers saying that they also do not test on animals. 
  • Why We Will Never Use Palm Oil

    The use of palm oil in foods and cosmetics (think handmade soap) has become a huge concern for many environmental activists, as the cultivation of the plant has lead to large scale deforestation. In parts of Indonesia and Malaysia, the clearing of forests has caused significant losses of the natural habitat of the orangutan. Both species of orangutan are classified as endangered, although the Sumatran orangutan is listed as critically endangered.
  • 3 Cruelty-Free Beauty Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

    Beauty starts from the inside, loving yourself and the temple that is your body. Cruelty-free and vegan beauty brands embody positive vibes and foc...