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Which Mask Is Right For You?

We've spent a bunch of time talking about what face masks are, why they are beneficial for you, and how to use them. Now to address the biggest question of all, which face mask is right for you?

At Kilted Suds, we offer 3 face masks at all times, with a few specialty ones that come and go. While all clay face masks have a lot in common (for instance, they are intended for use mainly by those with acne-prone, oily, or combination skin), differences in ingredients change certain benefits. Each of our standard masks have different qualities and are intended for different purposes.

Seaside Mint

Seaside Mint Face Mask

Seaside Mint is a clay face mask aimed at helping moisturize your skin. Even oily skin can become dry. The clay in the mask stimulates circulation, while ingredients such as colloidal oatmeal and kelp help moisturize and condition your skin. Seaside mint is ideal for those with combination skin.

Mocha Mint

Mocha Mint Face Mask

The coffee and chocolate in the Mocha Mint mask encourage toning and tightening of the face, while clay helps encourage circulation in your skin. This mask is wonderful for it's age-defying properties, and can be beneficial for those fighting fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, and other signs of pre-mature ageing. For more benefits on coffee, read up here.

Charcoal Detox

Charcoal Face Mask from Kilted Suds

As the name implies, Charcoal Detox is wonderful for detoxing your skin of impurities. Activated Charcoal, combined with bentonite clay pull toxins from the skin. This aids in the reduction of acne breakouts, black heads, and more. Charcoal Detox is generally recommended for those with oily and/or acne-prone skin.


I always recommend using masks at low frequencies in the beginning, no more than once a week. As you watch your skin, you will know if you can increase how often you use them. Some people may be able to use a mask only once a week, while others might be able to use them every other day. Each face is different, so let your body tell you what it needs!

Which mask is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!!

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