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  • The Ultimate Guide to Being Zero Waste

    When you hear the term "zero waste," what comes to mind? Perhaps you envision a world free from trash, where every item is recycled or composted. O...
  • All new VEGAN & Plastic-Free Lip Balms

    Lip balm is BACK at Kilted Suds, but with an all new formula and all new packaging! We took a hiatus from bringing you lip balm so that we could release a totally new product for you that better fits our company standards!
  • Our Green Mission - Recycling Program

    In conjunction with all of the packaging changes we have been implementing here at Kilted Suds, we want to introduce you to our all new recycling program.

    Part of our mission for this year is to remove as much single-use plastic from our products as possible. Some items still require plastic though. Things like the pumps for our lotion bottles. This got us to thinking. Rather than making our beautiful new glass lotion jars single use, why not start a recycling program within our company?!

  • 4 Plastic Free Swaps for the Bathroom

    The bathroom is a great place to start with getting rid of single use plastics. So much of our bathroom routine is typically based on plastic. This is the room I personally started in when beginning the transition!  I feel like it's an easy place to start because most of the plastic that we use in our bathroom doesn't stick around for a very long time.
  • Composting - Part 1: The Plan

    We are in the process of making our home more sustainable and moving toward a zero-waste lifestyle. One of the first things I thought of when begin...